Ditch Your Old Popcorn Ceiling for a Modern Look

Schedule popcorn ceiling removal in Round Rock, TX

There's nothing that dates your home more than popcorn ceilings. If you're tired of outdated ceiling designs that hinder your home's value, contact a professional at O.S Painting. We offer popcorn ceiling removal at affordable prices in the Round Rock, TX area.

Do you have popcorn ceiling damage? Don't put up with white specks falling down onto you and your furniture. Call 512-745-1907 today to get a popcorn ceiling removal from local experts.

Why should you schedule a popcorn ceiling removal?

Popcorn ceilings are more than just an outdated product. If you still have a popcorn ceiling, your home could be harboring:

  • Trapped dirt
  • Dust mites and allergens
  • Asbestos fibers

Popcorn ceiling damage could be releasing dangerous asbestos and other particles into the air. A professional at O.S Painting will use safe and effective methods for popcorn removal services in Round Rock, TX.