Get Your Property Squeaky Clean

Arrange for professional power washing services in Round Rock, TX

Need wallpaper hung in your bedroom or epoxy flooring installed in your garage? Our crew can do the job. We have the equipment and experience needed to:

Power wash all kinds of surfaces
Install epoxy flooring
Repair drywall
Stain decking

Call on O.S Painting for power washing or deck staining services in the Round Rock, TX area. We can use a power washer to remove tough stains from your driveway, siding or patio without damaging your property.

Wash away stains from your siding and driveway

O.S Painting provides epoxy flooring installation and power washing services in Round Rock, TX. You should schedule power washing services right away because power washing:

  • Removes dirt, mold, allergens and stains
  • Gives homes a freshly cleaned appearance
  • Extends the life of siding
  • Reduces the need for future repairs

Get power washing, wallpaper installation or deck staining services lined up by calling 512-745-1907 ASAP